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Wanting to prepare them for puberty and adulthood but not being clear about how

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Elisheva Liss is a licensed marriage and family therapist, blogger, author, and lecturer. In her private practice and research, she sees patterns of sexual dysfunction that are often strongly correlated with poor sexuality education. This is especially prevalent within religious communities, where the subject is more likely to be either avoided or associated with shame and sin. She began writing and teaching on the subject of religious sex positive messages, in order to help parents and educators improve how topics like body awareness, relationships, boundaries, and sexuality are addressed for children and teens. When giving these workshops, both she and her audiences always wished there was more time to cover more material. That's what inspired her to create this course- a comprehensive curriculum to give adults the knowledge and confidence to do better for the next generation (and even improve their own relationships along the way:) 

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I wish I could shout everything in these lessons from the rooftops."

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"For years, I knew I wanted to do a better job teaching my kids about sex but I didn't trust myself or my own experiences. This course is EXACTLY what I've been needing."

"My husband and I are going through the course together. It's amazing- we not only feel more clear about how to talk to our kids, but we've actually started to talk about our own sexual relationship more openly with each other, which is making us feel closer as a couple."

"I love how straightforward AND respectful Elisheva is in how she presents these hard to talk about topics."

"This course should be mandatory for every parent and teacher."

"This stuff is brilliant. I would have had no clue how to have these conversations without this kind of help."

"The best parenting investment I've made in a long time."

"I don't even have kids. I'm taking this course because I'm trying to heal from my own body issues and it's so powerful."

"I"m so glad we discovered this while our kids are still young enough to benefit from it."

"It's so sad, but this is literally the first positive religious material about sex that I have ever seen."